Emergency Funding Program – Recovery Phase

ANNOUNCEMENT: United Way NWT has launched its Emergency Recovery Fund program to provide funding for First Nations governments, charities, non-profits, and municipalities engaged in ongoing work to address the continued impacts of last summer’s wildfire season.

About the Fund

The Emergency Funding Program (EFP) is a funding program that is implemented in anticipation of or during natural climate emergencies or disasters in the Northwest Territories.

The EFP is overseen by an Emergency Management Committee (EMC) of the UWNWT, made up of residents of the NWT who manage and oversee the Emergency Funding Program. The Emergency Management Committee ensures the policies, procedures and intentions of the Emergency Funding Program are carried out responsibly, ethically and equitably.

EFP: Recovery Phase (currently accepting applications)

Following active emergencies, such as when community members return home after an evacuation order, applications from eligible NWT organizations will be accepted monthly, until funds have been exhausted or a full year has passed.

Objectives under the Recovery Phase are:

  • To develop better practices, resources and services to NWT community members during emergencies;
  • To provide individual supports to NWT community members recovering from emergencies;
  • To improve services and supports from NWT community organizations who are supporting NWT people following emergencies; and
  • To decrease systemic barriers for community organizations to recover from emergencies.

The three funding pillars under the Recovery Phase are:

  1. Rebuilding Communities: Supporting the rebuilding of community infrastructure and
    community organizations that have been impacted by emergencies or emergency
  2. Supporting Recovery: Supporting communities and organizations to care for the
    recovery needs of those returning home following emergencies or emergency orders.
  3. Addressing Gaps: Supporting gaps identified by communities and organizations that
    have been impacted by emergencies or emergency orders for projects or initiatives that
    are not covered by existing governmental (territorial or federal) programs.

The Recovery Phase funding applications are currently open, following the 2023 Wildfire Season.

Funding Application Process

Eligible NWT organizations, including First Nations governments, charities, non-profits, and municipalities, are invited to submit an application for funding through our online application portal.

Funding is allocated to projects that fit under one of the three following focus areas:

  • Rebuilding Communities: Applications under this pillar are to support the rebuilding of community infrastructure and community organizations that have been impacted by emergencies or emergency orders.
  • Supporting Recovery: Applications under this pillar are to support the recovery needs of NWT communities after emergencies or emergency orders. These projects often include direct aid components, but are not required to. Recovery needs may include addressing basics such as food, hygiene products or clothing, or may include addressing additional needs such as cultural or emotional wellness.
  • Addressing Gaps: Applications under this pillar are for specific community requests to support an unexpected cost that the Territorial and Federal Government do not cover. All requests under this third pillar will be reviewed by our Emergency Management Committee and may require supporting documentation from the applicant for review. This pillar is to cover the unique needs that are unprecedented during times of emergency and each request will be reviewed carefully to determine fundability. Requests under this pillar are important as they help to inform our advocacy to the Territorial and Federal Government on the unique needs of Northern community organizations

There is no minimum or maximum application request, but this does not mean that the UWNWT will be able to support every request to the maximum amount requested. We recommend that organizations seeking more than $25,000 contact us at support@nwt.unitedway.ca to discuss their project prior to applying. This is to ensure that the funds donated to UWNWT are redistributed equitably to all communities affected.

Application Evaluation Criteria

All applications from eligible community organizations will be reviewed and all applicants will receive notice of the outcome of their application. We aim to assess all applications fairly and equitably, based on current needs, the severity of the situation and available funds. Due to the nature of this funding all applications may not be funded and/or may only be able to receive partial funding for projects.

Assessment Criteria

1. The proposed project is reasonable, will be delivered in a timely manner to address the emerging needs of community members facing and recovering from emergencies;

2. The applying community organization has the capacity to execute the financial oversight and management of the project and provide sufficient reporting upon completion;

3. The proposed project will support NWT community members under the objectives outlined under each pillar;

4. The proposed project is aligned with the mission and goals of the United Way NWT and the purpose of this funding;

5. In the case that the application falls under the Addressing Gaps pillar, all other funding possibilities have been explored and supporting documents have been provided demonstrating such;

6. Other criteria as deemed appropriate and/or necessary by United Way NWT Staff or Committee.

Application Deadlines & Timelines

Applications will be reviewed on the 25th of each month as long as funding is available and the Fund remains open.

All applications will receive a notice of their application review whether they are approved or not.

Unapproved requests will also highlight the reason for denial and ways to improve their application should they want to reapply. Unapproved applications can also choose to appeal.

For more information, please contact us at 867-675-2643 or support@nwt.unitedway.ca

You can access our full Application Guide Here for a list of eligible organizations and project examples.

Visit the Application Portal