Statement of Values

The United Way NWT believes in its ability to bring our community together, from all walks of life to create opportunities for people to improve their lives. We strive to earn our community’s trust with integrity, transparency and with our shared values.


We have seen our community in action and we know what we’re able to achieve when we work together. Our goal is to continue to work along side northerners to better understand where the greatest need is in the NWT.

Integrity and accountability

We are grateful for the communities that we live in and work hard to ensure that we are able to earn and keep the trust they have placed in United Way NWT.

Diversity and inclusiveness

We promote, value and celebrate equality, different abilities, perspectives and experiences.

Excellence and innovation

We are dedicated to excellence. We strive to better the United Way NWT each year and are always seeking better and new ways to achieve our goals.


Because our community gives so much to us, we are motivated to give back just as much to them. We define our achievements by the success of the communities we work in.